The Australian Government introduced the Private Health Insurance Rebate (also known as the Federal Government 30% Rebate) initiative in January 1999. For every dollar that you contribute to your private health insurance premium, the Government will give you back at least 30 cents as a Private Health Insurance Rebate. The Rebate increases depending on your age:

  • 30% for people under 65,
  • 35% for people aged 65-69, and
  • 40% for people aged 70 and over.

The Rebate is not applicable for overseas visitors health cover. (

How to claim the Rebate

  1. Be a current member of a Private Health Care organisation, e.g. NIB, Medibank Private.
  2. Check what cover you have: hospital, general treatment, ancillary or extras.
  3. Let your Therapist/Practitioner know that you have Private Health Care coverage.
  4. Inform your Therapist/Practitioner that you require a Health Care Rebate receipt.
  5. Lodge your Rebate form to your Private Health Care organisation.

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