About Us

Karma is known as one of the natural laws of the universe. It means everyone is connected to how the universe works whether or not they have heard of it – or understand it. We create karma with our emotions, speech, body and mind. Put very simply it is the law of cause and effect; it essentially means ‘action’.
These three; cause, effect, and action, create harmony or disharmony. Disharmony can manifest itself in the form of dis-ease within the body.

If you were to throw a pebble into a pond the effect produces ripples which spread outwards until they reach the edges of the pond. The ripples then return to the cause, the pebble.
If we replace the pebble with ourselves and the pond with the world, we find that what we send out to the world, eventually finds its way back to us. Karma Therapies believes in and promotes the positive perception of karma to create greater harmony.

Supporting people in exploring their journey into the mind, body and spirit and the interconnections to… Be One Self

Jess began her journey of massage over 20 years ago in an Orthopaedic Ward. She was assigned two young males who both had motor bike accidents which placed them in metal halo frames. One of the young men was interstate with no family support and was about to have his fifth blood transfusion which he was not happy about. Jess suggested massage to improve his circulation and reduce the swelling so that he had less pain and mobility. He agreed. The journey began; the doctors were impressed with his progress and decided against the transfusion. The doctors asked him what he was doing to have such great improvement. He informed them that his nurse was massaging his legs in her lunch breaks. This young man left the hospital four weeks earlier than the usual time. The other young man noticed what was happening and asked if he too could have his arm and ankle massaged so that he could get back to his family and work quicker. Same results.

From this experience Jess chose to become a proactive not a reactive healer. She completed her Graduate Diploma in Education and headed off to teach in a high school. Over the next 11 years she taught many young learners the value of knowing their bodies (anatomy and physiology) and being aware of signals for health concerns. Jess’s passion for health and healing did not stop there. She returned to massage and obtained an Advanced Diploma in Remedial and Lymphatic Massage. Jess expanded her zeal to teaching young adults and mature adults at the Australian Institute of Massage.

Jess uses massage, the healing of touch, to coach each person’s individual inherent strengths and capabilities on their path toward self-awareness and health improvement. Jess is all about educating people regarding their bodies and how to listen to it when it needs support to heal. The body has a natural healing process but our minds which have been trained by the media, society, educational systems, and any other forms of imprinting, have taught us to override the signals sent to us by our bodies. Our sense organs were the first to develop in the womb yet we neglect them or have forgotten to listen to them to prevent sickness or illnesses.

For as long as Jess has been healing she has run workshops, camps, retreats. She is a Professional Speaker, further increasing her enthusiasm for working with people to understand their differences and motivations and helping them to appreciate how a collaborative approach can achieve improved local and global results. Jess’s inspirations embody her own philosophy, “Do one thing every day that scares you” (Eleanor Roosevelt). Changing our thought patterns to become aware of our bodies, spirit and emotions could mean taking a risk which requires practice. If we do not practice or challenge ourselves to improve who we are then we holistically atrophy.

If we are not living holistically then we cause a ripple effect. Jess focuses on living her life in a karmic manner. She entwines this value into her professional life to assist clients to achieve the balance they are wanting in their lives. Many of her clients have minor to chronic life threatening conditions. Cancers, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Pre and Post operative, Lymphatic blockages, Lymph oedema, Depression, Muscular Fatigue, Sciatica, High/Low Blood Pressure, Crohn’s Disease, Infected Sinuses, Fat Loss and Cellulite problems and many others. Jess works with the client and their body to find solutions for better health, happiness, love, and success to achieve their goals and to create balance.