Communication – Talk the Talk

This Retreat is based on the Compass Personalities – North, South, East and West. Each person attending will be given the personality test to complete before attending. Throughout the Retreat a number of different workshops will be conducted to practice how to communicate with each Personality type such as; key words used to identify the types, how to use the individual language for each personality, why some of us just don’t get along, how to incorporate the basic communication skills of verbal and non-verbal triggers and more.

Success and Failure

Why is it that some people never stop and others just can’t get started? Workshops will include; how do we achieve success and value it? When is something a success or a failure? How to recognise what blocks us from achieving success. Past-present patterns that we repeat and how to change them to better outcomes in the future and other topics.

Sovereign Awakenings

Each person is born into a family for a particular purpose. Where they come in the family (first boy, third girl etc) has a DNA connection to the parents. This workshop assists people to uncover their purpose, how to ascend their energy to a new level of personal understanding, and why they do the things they do. Role plays, meditations and other activities are used to unravel the mystery of our place in the family and help people to move forward. (Sweat Lodge can be included)

Sovereign Women Journey

Sovereign Men Journey

These are extensions of Sovereign Awakenings. Here we explore in depth the journey each of the connections established in Sovereign Awakenings. To participate in this retreat you must have completed Sovereign Awakenings.

My eye won’t stop twitching

Most of us have pushed ourselves to the limit and experience all different types of odd body movements. Our leg bounces, eye twitches, tears well up for no reason and the list goes on. We seem to have less time but more work. How do we balance it all and keep our bodies happy? Laughtercise, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Massage, Sweat Lodge, good food, are just a few ways on this Retreat to welcome better health, laughter and fun back into your life.

These are only a few examples, other topics include; Leadership, Procrastination, What about ME, Emotional Intelligence, Health or Wealth, Earth Magic, Personal Formula

Each Retreat is based on interaction, meditation, sharing and role playing, however the success and level of knowledge gained is determined by the participant.