I recently had the pleasure of receiving a massage from Jess from Karma Therapies.
As a person with a chronic back condition I can honestly say that she was able to provide me with one of the best back massages I have ever had.
It’s not often that I experience relief that lasts for long but with Jess I noticed an immediate difference after the massage. I felt lighter and my pain was eased immediately and my movement has even improved.
Her knowledge and experience was amazing, I am now looking forward to many more relieving massages.
Thanks a million Jess!

Lanai Carter
Strategic Business Success Pty Ltd

I would like to thank you for my therapeutic massage last week. The results have been amazing. I could not believe you found 10 vertebrae out in my back and then fixed them there and then. I feel so much taller. I am feeling so much stronger and healthier. It is a great service that you are mobile and so very conveniently came to my house with your portable massage table.
I did not know what to expect and was surprised how your massage was very thorough working every little problem you found.
I am also amazed at the benefits of your diet suggestions that are keeping me feeling healthy and more energetic.
I would recommend this therapy to everyone! I cannot believe how much better I feel.
Thanks again Jess!

Sandra Palmer

I recently hurt my shoulder that caused me considerable pain.
I was going to see a physio, but after hearing many positive compliments about Jess and her services, I decided to get a massage first.
Although I could barely take my shirt off and the first two words of the massage were profanities, two hours of massage service later, I was in a position where I could move my arm without significant pain. I also got a one hour massage one week later and have had little to no pain since.
I am confident in saying that had I gone to a physio, I would have had weeks of treatment at significant cost. I was also pleased to know that Jess is registered with my health fund so the cost is even less.
As a former full time tri-athlete who has trained for 2 years with a cycling squad using the AIS facilities at Thredbo and Perisher – including massage, I highly recommend Jess and her services.
I don’t look forward to further injuries, but if I do, I look forward to being able to get back into normality as soon as possible thanks to Jess’ healing hands.

Scott Beattie
Business Development Manager
Cube Home Loans

After experiencing the health benefits of the Karma Therapies Lymphatic massage process, I was amazed at the build up of toxins in my body that needed to be released. After this treatment from Jess, it was obvious that other massage techniques, while nice and relaxing, could not provide more real benefit than what I experienced with Jess at Karma Therapies.
For anyone looking to get more from their current masseuse, and to experience real health and wellbeing, I strongly recommend Jess from Karma Therapies.

Dean Temple
Health Protect International