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Life is full of stressors. Constantly bombarded with tasks, we forget to look after ourselves.
If we do not function at our optimum than all around us only receives half of who we really are. How do we slow down without collapsing on a heap? Take advantage of this mobile business to help you live happier and enjoy life more, so you can do the things that haven’t been possible.

What we believe

Karma is known as one of the natural laws of the universe.
It means everyone is connected to how the universe works whether or not they have heard of it – or understands it. We create karma with our emotions, speech, body and mind. Put very simply it is the law of cause and effect; it essentially means “action”.

What our clients say

“After experiencing the health benefits of the Karma Therapies Lymphatic massage process, I was amazed at the build up of toxins in my body that needed to be released.  I strongly recommend Jess from Karma Therapies…..” Read more