Throughout history we have used our hands to give comfort and healing to one another. Our sense of touch is recognized by our skin – the largest and most responsive organ. Whilst developing in the embryo our skin which is made up of tiny nerve cells begins to receive and respond to a vast quantity of diverse signals. Touch becomes our first functional sense in the embryo. Touching is contact, warmth, reassurance that we are cared for and not alone and an affirmation of our sense of being and self-worth.
In America, between 1910 and 1935, Drs. Chapin and Knox and J. Brennemann conducted studies of babies in institutions and found that many of the babies died in infancy and others showed signs of disturbance and poor physical and emotional development as a result of too little tactile stimulation (touch).
Physiologically, caring touch and massage provides an enormous array of benefits:

  • Increase in the blood’s oxygen ability by 10 – 15%
  • Helps reduce stress and supports relaxation by easing muscle tension and soreness
  • Allows faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments; reduces pain and swelling; reduces formation of excessive scar tissue
  • Strengthens the immune system; helps with rehabilitation of post operations, chronic illnesses, injury, colds and flu, speeds recovery time from exercise-induced fatigue
  • Reduces blood pressure and heart rate
  • Creates a sense of well-being and peace of mind
  • Person becomes more mind-body aware which reduces stressors and emotional crisis therefore improving calm thinking, creativity, and more productive life style.
  • Each individual will experience different effects and benefits from massage and the list of benefits will be endless

Types of Massage

Corporate massage

Corporate massage is a seated massage that is performed in an ergonomic massage chair.
You remain fully clothed, allowing treatment of the mid and lower back, neck, head, shoulders, arms and hands. Corporate Massage is usually carried out in a separate office or room for privacy and allows time out for relaxation. A tranquil ambient atmosphere is created to encourage a deeper relaxation state.
It is great for staff incentives as well as providing a supportive collaboration for staff health and productivity, trade expos, corporate expos, office parties, team building days, staff development forums, product and service promotions and many others.
The benefits of Corporate Massage

  • Reward and retain loyal staff members
  • Optimize staff performance and boost morale
  • Reduce job related stress and injury
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Provide simple work safe strategies for your OH&S program

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is used specifically to realign the musculoskeletal system by manipulating the body’s soft tissue and mobilization of joints, it is ideal for sports injuries, overuse and abuse of muscles, for example; RSI sufferers, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, sciatica and any other symptoms that occur from repetitive strain activities.
Trigger point release, neuromuscular techniques, post isometric relaxation techniques, stretching and gentle mobilization are the key methods used to achieve an effect in remedial massage.
The benefits of Remedial Massage can include improved circulation, reduction of soft tissue swelling, reduction of muscle tension, increased muscle tone, reduced pain, reduction in emotional states and improved sleep patterns.

Lymphatic Massage Therapy

Lymphatic Massage or Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a highly specialized technique particularly beneficial for pre and post op surgery, post cancer treatment, mastectomy patients, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, lymph edema, fat and cellulite loss, circulatory disturbances and numerous other health conditions.
Applying a light to moderate massage pressure and rhythmic relaxing movement helps to improve circulation, filtration of lymph fluid and supports the cleansing of toxins from the body. The lymph fluid moves towards the lymph nodes where the body can dispose of wastes more easily.
This treatment is especially helpful as it assists the body to flush out toxins and speeds up tissue and cell healing.
It is of particular importance for patients who have had lymph nodes removed during surgery to have regular treatments, as the body works harder or can no longer dispose of wastes through the original lymph pathways.
This technique is very effective in releasing blockages in lymph flow, which can cause edema, bloating, fatigue, and feeling of being sluggish or sleepy, fat deposits and cellulite. It is beneficial for anyone wishing to detoxify their system.
The “De-Tox” Massage!

Cold-Flu and Asthma Massage

Cold and Flu viruses are often spread from person to person via droplets carried in the air by a sneeze or cough obtaining the infection. Simply touching infected surfaces such as door handles, shaking hands and without realising it touching our mouth, nose or eyes we infect ourselves.
Adults usually have three to four colds each year, where as children usually have more, as their immune systems are not as strong. While a cold or flu can make you feel miserable, sinuses and airways often become blocked, aching muscles and tiredness, some people experience symptoms of swollen lymph nodes (glands) and/or asthma triggered. Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways where a person may have chest tightness, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.
This massage is designed to open the airways and sinuses and increase oxygen supply to the body to promote healing, support the lymph and muscle systems to restore health and wellbeing, provide better and relaxing sleep patterns which rest the body and allow healing to continue, it can also encourage mucus productivity therefore reducing congestion in the lymph system, lungs etc.

Crystal Massage

Crystals, gems and stones have been used for centuries in nearly every culture and religious tradition for healing work. Crystals are known as powerful, transformational tools, capable of even turning sound into light. Throughout our bodies we have a number of various crystals which work together to create signals and communicate to each other. Our bodies, like crystals, are composed of silicone and water, and that is why we can so intensely feel the vibration of a crystal resonating within us.
Daily we are bombarded by different levels of stressors which are the major culprit of many of our physical ailments. By integrating the vibratory connection between ourselves and crystals a karmic energy can be experienced. This energy is believed to provide a holistic healing. No two people have the same experience.

Brush Massage

Massage has a large number of benefits and people underestimate the importance of regular massages to improve and maintain good health. Brushing stimulates the skin and circulation of blood and oxygen flow around the body leaving your body tingling and breathing. It can improve the function of the oil and sweat glands that lubricate, clean and cool the skin making it supple and softer. This gentle technique is both soothing and stimulating at the same time, creating a unique experience which can be beneficial and rewarding in healing the body and tissues.

Body Reading Massage

Our bodies are constantly receiving and interpreting information deciding which to take notice of and which not to. Some of these signals are very intense and are kept by the body as a memory. When this memory is stored it is attached to an organ, cell or body system. Through touch and massage our body tells the story of our journey. The body wants to heal but most times we ignore it to survive in our busy lives, our minds talk us out of listening. Using body reading techniques and massage the story unfolds to assist in healing and becoming aware of what is happening in the body. Reconnecting the body to the mind and vise versa can open the pathways to emotions and the heart and provide a passage for healing.

Meridian Massage

The body functions as one, linked by energy (ki) which flows along channels, or meridians, that interlace as a network throughout the body, mostly on the skin’s surface. This energy (ki) can become stagnate, blocking meridian flow and making the internal organs either deficient in or overloaded by energy. Some meridian points may be tender and feel uncomfortable therefore by applying gentle pressure and rhythmic movements on the meridians you can stimulate energy rebalance and help the body to realign. There are 12 main meridian lines so working with the body is of importance. Its effectiveness is dependent on your willingness to be open and receptive to receiving new energy flow back into the body.